Friday, March 25, 2011

Hi everyone!

Did you guys make it out to the Cam Am Equine Emporium last weekend in London? I heard that Camilla Willings was there! She is the 2010 Wind Rider World Champion!

Amber Marshall was there too! She stars in that hit CBC show Heartland and she loves horses! She was signing autographs and everything!

And my favourite- The President’s Choice Super Dogs! They were actually taking on the horses! I heard the dogs won, but I just can’t believe it!

I can hardly wait for next year’s event!

I’m also getting really excited for the Ontario Regional Driving Championship too! It’s only 5 days away and what a great line up of drivers! I have no idea who is going to win. It should be really exciting! I’ll keep you updated on the results and will post some pictures!

Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll talk to you soon!

Willie Win

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