Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween was GREAT!

Hey kids!

I hope you had an AMAZING Halloween! I know I did!

My costume party was great! The whole house was decked out for Halloween with spooky spider webs, black cats & bats, and terrifying music! We had green fruit punch, spider cupcakes, and way too much Halloween candy!

Before I went, I even had a chance to give out some Halloween candy to the kids on Taylor Trot's front porch! It was so much fun!

How was your night of trick-or-treating? Did you get lots of delicious treats?

Talk to you soon!!!

Willie Win

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween T4K kids!

I can't believe Halloween is finally here! I love seeing all of the creative costumes and going trick-or-treating with Taylor Trot! My favourite treat is apples, so I hope someone is giving them out!

I have finally chosen my Halloween costume, with your help of course!
Stay tuned to find out my final decision and who won the October contest!

Stay safe tonight! Remember to wear something that is easy to see in the dark and to let mom and dad check all your treats before you eat them! Most of all, have fun!

Your friend,

Willie Win