Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hey kids!

How is your summer going? School is wrapping up which means two whole months of fun!

I’ve been pretty busy looking at flights. I am going to be flying out to Nova Scotia soon to visit all of you out on the East Coast!

I’m a little skittish of flying, but Maven flew all the way out to Sweden to race in the Elitloppet. More than 50,000 people went to Solvalla in Stockholm to cheer her and all the other horses on! If she can fly all the way across the ocean, I think I can make it to Truro.

Here’s a picture of the trotting mare herself, settling in and showing off at Solvalla with Yannick Gingras.

Have you ever flown before? It’s not so scary, right? I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces!

Willie Win